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At AudioWorks, we take pride in providing premium equipment and comprehensive services. Our unwavering commitment to quality ensures that you can rely on our gear and expertise in those crucial moments.


AudioWorks maintain a substantial inventory of industry-standard professional audio equipment, meticulously chosen to elevate the quality of any event. Immerse your occasion in a symphony of excellence with our premium sound solutions. Whether hosting a corporate gathering, a musical extravaganza, or an intimate wedding, rest assured that our skilled sound engineers are committed to ensuring that each note is crisp, clear, and resonates with the essence of your event.


Illuminate your occasion with the artistry of light! We stock an extensive array of lighting equipment and abundant expertise to infuse vitality into any event. Our skilled lighting engineers breathe life into spaces, cultivating ambiance and setting the perfect mood. From vibrant colour schemes to precise lighting effects, we meticulously craft an immersive visual experience that harmonises with the essence of your event. Whether it’s ensuring dancers shine in the spotlight on stage or transforming an outdoor venue with captivating light shows, you can count on us to meet your every lighting need.


Elevate your event with a stage that captivates. Our carefully planned stage building services ensure a platform that’s not just functional and safe, but a focal point of artistic expression. Whether it’s for a concert, conference, or fashion show, indoor or outdoor event, we construct stages that command attention and impress audiences.

We use top-of-the-range staging equipment from industry leading brands, ensuring meticulous care to maintain our gear at the highest standard. This commitment to quality ensures that your event proceeds smoothly and meets the utmost standards of excellence.

LED Video Wall

Transform your visual experience with our LED video walls. These dynamic displays bring content to life with stunning clarity, making them the perfect solution for advertising, presentations, and creating impactful environments. Our LED video wall services provide high-quality screens for hire and stunning displays for any event. From corporate AV presentations to outdoor screenings, our LED video walls ensure a dynamic visual experience. Get in touch here today to enquire about solutions to suit your budget!

Corporate AV​​

Deliver impactful presentations with our Corporate AV solutions. From crisp sound systems to vivid LED displays, we offer comprehensive audio-visual packages tailored to corporate events, ensuring your message is conveyed with clarity and precision.


Our draping services offer elegant and customisable backgrounds, adding a touch of refinement to weddings, conferences, and other special occasions. Infuse a custom touch to enhance brand recognition and leave a lasting impression at your meeting or conference.

Enrich the aesthetic appeal of your occasion with our tailored draping services, whether concealing spaces, creating elegant partitions, or adding a touch of grandeur. Our draping solutions are versatile and visually striking, breathing new life into dull venues or injecting vibrant colour into any environment, thereby transforming your venue into something truly exceptional.

Wedding Up-lighting

Create a romantic ambiance for your wedding with our exquisite up-lighting creations. Our skilled professionals use lighting to enhance your venue’s beauty, crafting a magical atmosphere that complements your joyous celebration. Wedding lighting, available in a spectrum of colours, seamlessly ties together event design elements across various spaces ensuring a cohesive and timeless aesthetic.

Projectors and Screens​

AudioWorks’ team expertly handles cabling, mounting, and the seamless integration of all components, ensuring a projection system that delivers high-quality visual displays.

Elevate your event with dynamic visuals through our projector and screen setups. Ideal for presentations, outdoor screenings, or conferences, our equipment guarantees sharp, vibrant, and large-scale displays.

Power Distribution​

Ensure seamless energy flow throughout your event with our power distribution services. From sound systems to lighting setups, our experts efficiently manage power distribution, prioritising safety to ensure a flawless and uninterrupted experience.

Truss Systems​

Benefit from the extensive experience of the AudioWorks team in rigging, trussing, and automation. Build a sturdy foundation for your event with our advanced truss systems. Perfect for suspending lighting, speakers and visuals, our truss setups offer both structural support and a stylish aesthetic, catering to a variety of events.


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