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For us, there are no limits!

At AudioWorks, we specialise in crafting unforgettable experiences. Our team of skilled and dedicated professionals excels in sound, lighting, and staging, positioning us as your trusted partner for events. Explore how AudioWorks, with its expertise and premium equipment, can transform your vision into reality!


Immerse your audience in a world of seamless communication and professionalism with our conference solutions. Allow your conference attendees to explore cutting-edge ideas, network with professionals, and stay at the forefront of their field. We provide a variety of setups from all-staff meetings to product launches, panel discussions, brainstorming hubs, interactive workshops and much more.

Our services include premium sound systems, brilliant LED screens, and a stage equipped with the latest technology. Ensure crystal-clear presentations with our projector and screen setups, complemented by a best-in-class sound system. From corporate audio-visual to power distribution, we deliver a comprehensive package to meet your conference requirements. 


AudioWorks is your partner for festivals of varying sizes and themes, whether it’s a music festival drawing large crowds or an arts festival with a more intimate setting. Immerse your audience in the celebration of art, music, and community spirit with our festival production services. Our sound and lighting hire create the perfect setting for electrifying performances, ensuring every beat resonates and every note is distinctly heard with clarity and precision. Our LED screens showcase vibrant visuals, and our stage building service guarantees a platform for unforgettable acts.


Having collaborated with numerous festival organisers nationwide, we provide comprehensive solutions from speaker hire to ground support systems, covering every aspect of your festival from inception to conclusion.


Collaborating with clients across Ireland, our extensive experience and premium equipment make us the preferred choice. Recognising the inherent challenges of hosting a musical, especially with a sizable cast and a bustling backstage, entrust us with the responsibility. Opt for our sound and lighting services to breathe life into your production, allowing you to concentrate on the seamless execution of the musical itself.

Sporting events

Elevate the thrill of sporting events through our extensive audio-visual solutions. From PA systems amplifying the crowd’s roar to screens for dynamic live action replays, rest assured, we have the expertise to meet your needs.

In need of an LED Video Wall for indoor or outdoor displays? Regardless of the event or sporting fixture you aim to show-case, we have your needs fully covered.

Awards ceremonies

Step into the spotlight at our awards ceremonies dedicated to celebrating excellence and honouring every achievement. Impress your industry or organisation with a seamlessly executed setup. We curate sophisticated evenings, recognising achievements, contributions, and memorable moments. Create the perfect backdrop with our elegant draping services. Ensure crystal-clear acceptance speeches with our high-quality PA systems and illuminate each moment with our LED screens while projector and screen setups spotlight the event’s achievements. Rely on us for a professionally managed and celebratory awards ceremony.


Craft the perfect ambiance for your special day with our exquisite wedding production services. From elegant draping to enchanting wedding up-lighting, AudioWorks is here to bring your dream wedding to life. We understand the importance of capturing your unique vision, working closely with you to ensure every detail reflects your love story. Elevate your celebration with personalised messages gracefully projected onto any surface, adding a magical touch to your venue on this momentous occasion.

Our wedding production services extend to Mayo and surrounding counties, offering tailored solutions for various budgets. If you are a venue, or a couple seeking to secure your specific date, please reach out to us here for inquiries and bookings.

Agricultural shows

Bring the charm of rural life to your agricultural show with our specialised production services. Use our LED screens to showcase the best of agriculture and let our sound and lighting services create an immersive and unforgettable experience for visitors.

Fundraising events

Over the years, we have helped all manner of organisations raise significant amounts of money through the power of fundraising events. From facilitating Strictly Come Dancing shows to organising engaging Lip Sync events and beyond, our vast experience speaks for itself. If you are a community group or sporting organisation looking to host a fundraising event, contact us here for a quote!

Fashion shows

Make a style statement and showcase the latest trends and haute couture at your fashion shows with our uniquely tailored fashion show production services. Our LED screens provide a dynamic backdrop for the runway, and our superior sound systems ensure the perfect soundtrack for every strut. From projector screens to stage building services, we cater to every aspect of a fashion-forward production for a flawless night of glamour and sophistication. Contact us here to get a free quote!


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